Monday, 22 March 2010

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Noooo! It’s a CELLPHONE!

Well, I admit the headline is a bit over-exaggerated, but I couldn’t resist using this famous line from the Superman Comic,

This post has a slight link with my earlier one, as I originally thought of using what Apple’s CEO had said here –

“Steve Jobs’ Post his Liver Transplant”

There is so much Buzz in the Mobile Technology space, by the time I write about it, most of it would have changed radically, so please forgive lapses in my reading of the pulse.

What is evident is that the “handheld” is what the world is converging too, and empirically that has turned out to be the ubiquitous cell-phone.

Cell Phones are so common that some people are even more nervous of using a public payphone STD/ISD/PCO phone than before, as they feel that they are used by the dirtiest people, dregs of society, who do not have a cell phone – incidentally my local vegetable cart seller has two of them.

To paraphrase my good friend @arorasaurabh – “Cutting edge Computer Programmers are now mobile phone programmers”.

Cell-phone buyers are now not just concerned with the hardware, look and feel, but the OS (Operating System) and other software loading capabilities, as well…. The form is now secondary to the content.

I once again thank the donor who gave Steve his liver, as it all started with the iPhone and the OS wars started –

> First there was Symbian (s50, s60, ver 3, UIQ, etc.)
> Mac OSx - Then came Steve with his new liver
> Google’s Android
> Windows 7 mobile
> Samsung’s Bada
> Nokia’s Meego (earlier Maemo and Intel’s Moblin)
> Palm OS
> Blackberry OS
> etc etc

Admitted Blackberry was in existence much before Apple launched the iPhone, the average cell-phone user started thinking of the cell-phone, as an information and communication device, rather than just a telephone, after the iPhone.

Moreover, it was the iPhone that shook up the market place; prior to it, LG Prada was the only touch-screen only phone…. And now, every manufacturer has atleast 2 touch-screen only models.

Personally, though I do not like to play favourites, and have been a staunch believer of open software (GIMP over Photoshop), OSes (Linux over Windows) and Hardware (Assembled over Branded, or DELL over Mac) and have been, till recently, a staunch anti-apple activist…

I have been defeated by one man’s vision of what a cell-phone should be, rather than the collective democratic vision of others – iPhone 3GS and the iTunes App Services, like it or not- RULE THIS SPACE … and all other mobile phone manufacturers are falling over each other to catch up.

While Steve Jobs and Apple have moved onto the iPad…

God Bless the Donor who gave him a Liver.


End Note: Paraphrased From another good friend @nagadeepan
Old concept       “Do or Die”

New concept      “Do before you Die”

Latest concept    “Don’t Die before you Do”

Our concept       “What to Do NOW ?!?!?” 

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  1. While this entry was and remains a eulogy to singular vision....

    It seems the headline has been copied for the google nexus one...