Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Corporate Communications 104

Corporate Communication Processes & Strategies - Managing IMAGE

As mentioned in the 'Corporate Communications 103' knol  - Corporate Communication is not panacea but a function and tool that - 

1) Prioritises
2) Organises 
3) Disseminates information, and
4) Creates Dialogue 
between the Stakeholder/s and the Organisation
in order to modify, improve and enhance the Image of the Organisation and its initiatives and offerings.

The objective of Corporate Communications is to bring as close together the Actual Identity of the Organisationwith the Perceived Image of the Organisation, among its stakeholders. 

As illustrated in the diagram above, The task of Corporate Communications is to ensure more overlap and greater consonance between the two, though in practicality a perfect fit is never achieved.

However, a Holistic & Comprehensive Communications Strategy, with a firm Top Management Commitment and Buy-in from all other Departments can create a near ideal situation, where all stakeholders are neutral, if not, positively inclined towards the organisation and its offerings.


Aseem Seth.

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