Monday, 12 July 2010

* Permissum Lector Caveo

I may be naive in my simplicity …

Unfortunately the way I connect the dots .. doesn’t discount the fact that the shortest route between two points is a straight line (let's not get into tesseracts, worm holes and Infinity loops).

My understanding of the economic meltdown was admittedly simplistic. ... but my portent on hyperinflation is unfortunately becoming a reality….

I similarly have written very simplistically about the Dantewada massacre & Naxal uprisings  ... but I still believe my prophecy on telecom and vernacular unicode driven internet are going to happen in the not so distant future.

But education in India remains a strange figment to us all. .. our system sucks. With focus on rote and memory rather than analysis and inference, 

Even the Rote is Rotten. ... India has no history post 1950 ... atleast no children are taught it … even in 2010.          

I intend on studying Ramachandra Guha's India after Gandhi. .. as soon as I can find fund & time to buy it….

Hope you didn’t mind all the dots…

Here’s hoping for a brighter tomorrow….

And another portend – Apples, Oranges, BlackBerries Beware


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