Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Paradigm Shift from the Ear to the Eye

Unfortunately, we have yet to come to terms with the fact that smartphones, are no longer phones but personal, pocket computers, with computational capacities that rival supercomputers of a few decades ago - Gigahertz speed, Gigabit rates, Gigabyte memories have all become common in today's mobile phone

However, as the pace of technology follows the three irrefutable laws of computing-

1) Bandwidth Demand - Shall always increase
2) Moore's Law - massive miniaturization with doubling densities every 2 years
3) Metcalfe's Law - the multiplier effect of communication networks

So have Mobile communication usage patterns begun to witness a Paradigm Shift from the Ear (Audio) to the Eye (Video) - you all will recall this one...

One of the Cisco System's Ads

And we all have  used SkypeGoogle Talk & Yahoo! Messenger  and heard (read?) the Buzz on the Apple iPhone's Facetime -  SEE it Here -

The implications of this video-telephony technology go way beyond just entertainment, but have the potential to substantially improve society touching aspects of Education, Health, Agriculture and
 Micro-financemCommercemBanking) are among the most amenable areas that come to my mind....

What are your thoughts?


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