Saturday, 9 November 2013

I look therefore the World appears

The Act of Observation - Changes the Outcome

The Photon Double Slit experiment.

If i pass light through double slits, i get interference patterns that confirm to me that i am dealing with waves. But if i allow only one photon at a time to pass through the apparatus, the same interference pattern emerges…they are again waves! Now if i want to know through which slit a given photon went, i will use a photon detector in front of each slit. If i repeat the same experiment, i get a whole new result. Now i see particle nature of photons.

Moreover, it has been proved through different versions of double slit experiments that it doesn’t matter how we set up the experiment. What matters is the presence of a conscious observer (and his mind). The observer’s knowledge about the system surely alters something about the outcome of the double slit experiment.

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So the World appears because I look at it.

Believe, and you Shall See.

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