Monday, 15 February 2010

Blogs are Old Hat …. NOT!

Just because “Two Pew Internet Project surveys of teens and adults reveal a decline in blogging among teens and young adults and a modest rise among adults 30 and older” - All media has gone crazy touting that “millennials” (people born after 1982) do not twitter or blog,

Then what do they do? According to Pew- only Facebook and SMS.

I have 2 opinions on this –

First, the Pew Survey samples could be suspect,

OR, more importantly,

Second, youngsters & teens, irrespective of year of birth, have always been self-referral, I remember clearly that at that age, we always knew everything, and let alone others’ opinions, ‘others’ did not matter, so communicating with them was irrelevant and futile, because the “others” were all idiots.

So micro-blogging on twitter, writing a blog or communicating an opinion to the “others” really was a waste of time and energy. To quote the epic (and perhaps the millennials’ archaic) Pink Floyd - “We don’t need no education” is the motto of this age group.

I opine that far from being Dead, blogs are going to “Rule The Roost”… just give the millennials another five years and see how they take to surfing Blogs – like Ducks to Water!

You can read more of Pew’s opinions at -

What’s YOUR take?

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