Monday, 8 February 2010

Earning the Right to Blog

“You must start your own blog”, said my CEO on Friday, “You need to build upon your credentials as a writer.”

These words came from him, without any instigation or suggestion, of any kind, from me.

Finally, I had earned my “Right to Blog”.

You may wonder, why such a big fuss about writing a blog…. EVERYONE does it! ... And you would be absolutely right, but I didn’t blog.

Even though I have been very active on Twitter, FB, PeerPower, LinkedIn, Google Knols etc. I fully understood Web 2.0’s nuances and needs, and this was precisely the reason why I did not have a personal blog, as I take my current role as the de-facto voice of my organisation, very seriously and so did not voice my personal opinions, in the unrestricted public domain.

With my CEO’s approval, this blog will remain a personal journal and shall serve the purpose of being a resonator of my cerebrations - a panegyric of my own thoughts, ideas, opinions, and probably some angst and frustration as well.

I hope to spark discussion and debate on stuff that interests or affects me, and probably a whole group of people whom I would like to classify as “salaried free-thinkers”.

I hope that I’ve raised your expectations, and trust I will be able to meet and surpass them, with your best wishes,

Aseem Seth

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