Saturday, 9 July 2011

Delhi Belied - My Outtake

First off, I loved the Movie Delhi Belly, it was original,  and could have been judged film-noir, if it were not for the comedic epitome of composure - Tashy played by Imran Khan.

The contradiction of the movie is that in the form of a farce it manages to address and comment on some very real polite society taboos.

Here are some of the incidents which left me thinking of how this movie broke genre stereotypes -

1) The brazen acceptance of Dowry even among the " Educated Classes of Polite Society"  - The (rickshaw and donkey cross breed) RED Car, assurance of a flat...

2) The Car Chase Shoot out scene -  realism in reverse? .... the fearless Tashy manages to wing it against a depraved drunk ex-husband's wrath... how probable is it that a person maintains such a sense of composure after being beaten up and shot at?

3)  The Family Man & Good Samaritan who also visits Brothels - a true life Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

4) The seasoned Gangster played so realistically, he was scary...(Laugh nervously - it's okay, it's just a film)...and his ridiculous bumbling "Three Stooges"

5) After the climax - the Mexican standoff scene -  Even if by luck if all the protagonists were unharmed - What happened to the Police Enquiry? (Cops were killed in broad daylight!)

6) The Song which stays with you after the film is NOT "DK Bose", but "I Hate You (Like I Love You)" - with it's AWESOME picturization, bilingual lyrics and fantastic harmonies - (YouTube Video Below)

7) Finally, What was the poor air-hostess' fault? Why did Tashy lead her up the garden path just to drop her at the sight of something better? What about commitment to a relationship? - is there a parallel here between Aamir and his wives Reena Dutta & Kiran Rao?

Does Art imitate Life....?

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