Saturday, 25 June 2011

The one minute mindspace

You have 10 seconds to gain my interest and another 50 seconds to hold it, before I judge you.

That is the attention span of today's consumer a one-minute mindspace to gain attention, and deliver a message, before judgment

The consumer is King, Judge, Jury and God of the brand, and she is no longer limited to just the newspaper and TV, the laptop & mobile opened up whole new frontiers, and the tablet promises to do the same again.

Today, time has sped up to speeds unimaginable just a decade ago, in physical sciences, we have moved from measuring one million times a second (Megahertz)to one billion times a second (Gigahertz) - the pace of change is so rapid that all of us need to keep accelerating just to stay in place.

The idealogy of  "Grow or Die" has become a dictum for modern life. The billion dollar question remains sustainability. With fossil fuels still powering the majority of the world's economy and no viable alternative in site (Say NO to Nuclear Energy), humanity awaits the third energy revolution (Steam>Electricity>???)

But what is the point of this rush? Where are we heading? What is the goal? the aim? the result of this frenetic pace?

We generated more data in 2009 than in the previous 5,000 years combined (Source). But how much of that data is transferable into information and further into knowledge?

Today, time is at a premium and information is at a discount, companies spend millions to gain that one minute of mindspace, trawl through exabytes of information to find a single kernel of truth, we have moved from the Age of Information into the Age of Information Overload.

The impact of these changes is the heightened Attraction of  Simplicity, best illustrated by the Home Page and the "Slab of Glass" form factor that now dominate the mobile and tablet space.

The adage " Less is More" has truly come of Age, in the Age of Information Overload

See what i mean?

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