Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vipassana: Ch.1: How it began for me …

That Goenka technique? ... It’s free na? … but You can’t do it…. 10 days is too long to waste … They starve you …  They torture you … They don’t let you speak … It is for old people who are bored… why do you want to torture yourself? … … they will brainwash you… it’s a Buddhist cult … once you join you can’t leave …

I had heard about a distant aunt, whom I admired, being a staunch follower of Vipassana – but other than a few fragments of truth … the rest was all hearsay. But there was a long-standing, deep desire in my heart that kept gently cajoling me to fulfill this long cherished dream of mine.

But I knew it was not going to be easy … being vegetarian, no smoking, no speaking … so I kept putting it off … until I quit smoking on 13 April 2010.

Three years later, having fully recovered from my nicotine addiction - I expressed this latent desire in June 2013 to treat myself for my birthday to this, and my supportive family, though skeptical, were very supportive, once they saw how genuine my desire was.  And so I booked myself for October 2 -12, 2013 course at the closest centre -

Me .... After the Course

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