Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Image makeover - Commonwealth Games 2010

As the 19th Commonwealth Games taking place in Delhi come to a close. I take pride in the fact that we managed to wing it, like the Great Indian Wedding, where preparations continue, till the Baarat, is nearing the chaukhat/door frame.

Here's a Shining Illustration of how images & perceptions changed, as India  (imho) pulled off one of the the greatest stunts ever.



As the old adage goes " A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" ...

I would like to also mark this post as having completed 6 months of being tobacco free 

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  1. Commonwealth games in India are proving to be successful and India has won the most gold medals in CWG ever. But, should we really celebrate our success in CWG? Should India even take part in Commonwealth games?