Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Multiple Personalities (Disorder? or Reality)

We (including me) are slowly but surely moving into our own little micro-niches - earlier it was technical, then educational, then professional and Now we've added SOCIAL

We have ALL acquired Multiple Personalities

Human beings have a natural affinity to form coteries, we like small intimate groups... it's just that today those groups are getting smaller and disconnected ....

As kids, we had a group of school friends, and another gang of neighborhood friends- we had significantly distinct personalities (including jargon, codes, topics of discussion & mutual interests)... We have multiple personalities as adults as well.... how you behave in office and home are different.... how you behave WITHIN your home, with your children and spouse are different....

Talking Through my Hat(s)

Internet Technology has not INVENTED anything new...We're all used to wearing multiple hats

Internet Tech's just gone and created some more hats for us to wear (and juggle)... a Facebook/Twitter personality, a Linkedin Personality, an "Incognito Window" personality are just a few off the top of my hat, as it were....

What this is leading to is 'Super Specialization'  .... which i feel is, probably not as wonderful as it sounds, we are becoming insular, isolated and GREATLY DISCONNECTED  in "The Connected World"...

My 2,500 facebook friends, or my 5,000 twitter followers are not going to help me move my furniture.

Or for that matter, give me a call, just to say "Hi!"

Probably, we're all just to busy... trying to out-shout each other for attention...to shout-out for real attention.

Thank YOU for reading... I did (and do) appreciate it... (even if you don't leave a comment ;)

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