Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Returning to Type

Whether we like it or not, the new form factor for mobile phones is a Slab of Glass

And it all started with Steve's iPhone design ... and the advent of the Capacitive Touchscreen.

The days of  Typing on 9 Keys (T9) are numbered as almost all phones move either towards, touchscreen, full qwerty or Both! (personally, I've moved on to Swype)

Arguably, mobile phones are fast becoming pocket sized laptop computers , the similarities are alarmingly blurry -  they have big screens, a finger acts as the mouse, Apps are Software, MicroSD Cards are Hard Drives

People (myself included), are buying phones based on components> what Operating System, , CPU/GPU?RAM Speed.... Just like we do with computers...

Here are a few more of my precogs - 

1) Old School T9, or Text on 9 Keys, -  >>> New School - Swype!
2) Like it or not the new mobile form factor is "slab of glass"  

3) Food for thought > Sci fi that's become Sci Fact

End Note - Wow!!! "Concept" Phone> But what about Battery Life??????
Spot the Difference?


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